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Article previews & image attachments


I'm having trouble when it comes to (a) linking to articles and (b) attaching images. There are inconsistencies with the posts first of all between the web browser and Android app, and second of all between two accounts - even though they were posted to those accounts with the same click.

For example, I think it looks brilliant when you include a link to an article in your tweet, and the article is previewed with the headline and image, as follows:

To be honest, this is probably the main reason that I use HootSuite Pro. However, on the web browser, the tweets appear like this:

Now I appreciate that there's an option to 'View summary' which sometimes works, although (a) that option doesn't always appear and (b) it doesn't always work. Tweets with images are substantially more effective than those without, and so a string of tweets on the web browser like the above attachment looks very poor.

Also, sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't. Take for example this screenshot:

Does this depend on the website that I'm linking to? It seems unlikely as the middle link was from The FA website. None of the previews work on the web browser.

My second issue comes with simply attaching images. I scheduled 70 tweets with images to be sent out across 3 accounts, every hour for 10 hours across 7 days (in my absence). For 2 of the accounts, it looked great, on both the mobile (Android) app:

and also in the web browser:

However on the other account, it didn't work and looked awful. These are the same tweets:

Same for the web browser:

If anybody could advise me on the following issues, it would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Why do some articles preview, whilst others don't? Does it depend on the source of the link, i.e. the website?
  2. Why do articles in the same tweet preview on mobile (Android) apps but not on web browsers?
  3. Why do image attachments work for some accounts, but not others, regardless of where they're being used?
I eagerly await your responses.

Kind regards,


  • Hi MattAbbottFutsal

    Thank you for reaching out on our Community Forum! I am sorry to hear you've had trouble with mixed results in posting link previews to Twitter. 

    As a general answer, the ability to populate a link preview within Twitter does depend on the HTML code unique to the link you are posting. The only time a link preview will automatically generate will be as a result of the link specific HTML code including a Twitter Card. Twitter Cards are not yet that prolific, and so depending on which websites and webpages you are linking to, these link previews will not always be available. 

    In regards to your last question you will have to ensure that all of your Twitter profiles have pic.twitter selected as their image upload service in order to ensure that images show inline with text, as opposed to click-through links. 
    You can verify and update these settings by following the instructions provided here:

    I hope that helps to answer your questions! If you have any further concerns, please feel free to reply to this message, or you are welcome to reach out to our team on Twitter for immediate assistance @Hootsuite_Help

    All the best, 

    Camille | Customer Advocate |
    Camille B | Customer Advocate |
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