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LinkedIn Hootsuite Pro Issues Images and Links (OWLY link & post problems)

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Hi there, I have HootSuite Pro and pre-schedule posts on my LinkedIn page, our Company Page and a Group page I manage. I have two issues (both related to Linkedin), which I'm using on a Windows PC via Publisher.

1) Most of the posts say "Created moments ago using Owly" - How do I make this go away? This seems to be an unnecessary self-promotion of HootSuite, which should be lifted for paying subscribers. (See image #1 below) 

EVERY image I post via HooteSuite Publisher only shows up as an owly hyperlink. This looks terrible. The whole point of linking an image is to increase post views, and nobody is going to click an 'owly' link to see an image. Why aren't my images posting? (See image #2 below)

...For #2, I've read there are issues with LinkedIn's APIs. Hootsuite has previously (parenthetically) said "sorry, there's nothing we can do about this, it's LinkedIn's API." However, I am disappointed because specifically upgraded to Pro thinking this was a feature I could expect when pre-scheduling posts to LinkedIn. I am also under the impression other competing platforms do post images to LinkedIn. 

While I understand HootSuite has been at the mercy of LI's API, I wonder if there have been any new developments - or, if there are any workarounds. If not, does the development team have anything currently in development that would remedy this?

Thank you for your time. Any insights on the two points above would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


  • This occurs in Group posts as well as (personal) Page posts. Though, it looks the worst in groups. I'm adding some images to round out the examples - they appear different on different pages within LI - but to be clear, the issue exists within ALL 3: Group pages, Company pages, and personal Pages. 

    Image 1: from Group Post (a group I manage) - these group posts look terrible. 

    Image 2: from Personal Page Post (at least here, it grabs the image from the linked article, though not the image I took the trouble of attaching in Hootsuite publisher)

  • Hi @RecruiterWhaley ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Community Forum! 

    Unfortunately LinkedIn's current API still does not allow for us to have access to LinkedIn's native image upload service, which is why you're still seeing the hyperlink when trying to post an image to LinkedIn through Hootsuite. 

    This has been a very popular request with our users, and as soon as LinkedIn makes changes to their API it will be our top priority to provide this service to our users! What I would suggest is for you to vote for this request on the Feedback Forum so that you can be alerted once it becomes available. 

    I hope this information helps, and thanks again for your continued patience! Have a great day   

  • Thanks Gabrielle. Can you please provide insight on why the group postings look so different from the personal page & company page postings (above)? It 100% text on group postings - at a minimum, I'd like it to look like the other ones that at least pull the images from the hyperlink/article. 
  • Also, how can I stop it from promoting OWLY? This seems to be a promotion built in by HootSuite exclusively. Note it says: "Created moments ago using owly"

    This is an advertising feature / auto add from HootSuite vs. being something LI caused. (SEE THE BLACKBERRY PIC ABOVE FOR AN EXAMPLE)

  • Hi @RecruiterWhaley ;

    Limitations with LinkedIn's API make it so that group posts only show the URL without a preview, and personal pages show a thumbnail image. Another limitation is that the LinkedIn API doesn't support full sized images via third party posting (such as Hootsuite), for either personal or company pages.

    Since the images that are uploaded are hosted by Hootsuite through "" and not natively on LinkedIn, this is why you are seeing the message "Created moments ago using owly". 

    I hope this helps to answer your questions. 


  • I have the same limitations with LinkedIn. Posts look bad. I'm using Pro. Very disappointing this Owly issue
  • Hi @Pieter!

    We always appreciate hearing feedback from our users. As soon as there are changes to LinkedIn's API, we'll be working to make this available!

    I hope you have a great day!

  • HwhHwh
    edited September 2016
    Do these posts mean this is now possible? Does anyone know if Buffer also have this issue, or does theirs work to post images to LI? Thanks! 
  • Hi @Hwh,

    Thanks for your feedback. I will most certainly pass this feedback through internally. 

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