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iPhone API for Instagram

I was running on an Android and had the full ability to resize my photographs to rectangles, but have switched to iPhone and lost that functionality. I do not take photos in square and use Hootsuite to publish blog photos to IG. I need the ability to resize photos to rectangles and the ability to move the photos within the rectangle. The iPhone app does not allow this.


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    Hi @kfmillican1 ;

    At this time, the resizing option is available only for Android phones. We're always interested in hearing feedback from our users on ways to improve our product! If you'd like, you can submit your feedback on this request in the Feedback Forum here.

    I hope you have a great day :smile: 

  • I understand that it's not available, I was wondering why it wasn't and when it will be. I have left feedback and left this, per Customer Service.
  • Hi kfmillican1, 

    Thank you for the reply, and our apologies for any inconvenience! 

    As we work within the parameters of iOS API, there are unfortunately some differences in features between Android and iOS devices. We greatly appreciate your leaving your feedback on the forum, as this is an excellent way for our Development team to keep track of requests for future release. 

    Please feel free to reach back out at any time, and I hope you have an excellent end to your week!

    All the best, 


    Camille B | Customer Advocate |
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