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Deleting scheduled posts

Hi, I bulk loaded a weeks worth of scheduled posts as a test and now i can't delete them.  they still appear.  I've tried by selecting them all and deleting them individually and they still won't delete.  Is there a solution to my problem?


  • Hi @travelouslife ;

    Thank you for reaching out to us on our Forum!

    I have created a Help Desk ticket for you. One of our Support Agents will reach out via email to assist further.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind Regards,
    Adam | Customer Advocate |
  • Thanks for getting back to me.  I can now delete my scheduled posts,  initially for some reason it  wouldn't let me delete them.  So i tried opening hootsuite on a different browser where it worked fine.  I then went back into the browser that i normally use and logged out and logged back in and it worked.  A minor glitch that didn't make sense in the first place. 

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