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Mobile App keeps asking me to login to Instagram?

Hi, would you be able to help me. We have been happily using Hootsuite for a few weeks but last night the Hootsuite App keeps asking me to log into Instagram and wont let me look at my streams. I keep entering the correct details but it keeps doing it. It works fine on my PC? Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Hi @elderslennoxhead 

    I'm sorry to hear of this issue. To clarify, are you completely unable to access the Hootsuite app? Are you unable to log-into it or is that you can't move forward with an Instagram post because of the Instagram app?

    In case you are unable to access the Hootsuite app at this time, I would recommend that you try uninstalling and reinstalling it and then move forward by accessing it using the credentials you use for the Web Dashboard. 

    Also, please keep in mind that for Instagram posts you will need your Instagram app installed and logged-in with the credentials of the account you are posting to. 

    Kind Regards,
  • I started having the same issues this week. At first it was sporadic, but now it's continuous. I've tried signing out and back in to Instagram and Hootsuite. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Hootsuite app. Still does the same thing.
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    Hi @mtbui

    Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Forum! I can see that you've also reached out to us in an email ticket. So that we can help you troubleshoot and gather some account information from you, one of our customer advocates will be reaching out to you directly via email.  

    Looking forward to helping you resolve this issue! 

    I hope you have a great day  :)

  • I am also having the same issue! I have attempted to "reconnect" my Instagram page on mobile several times. Each time, it logs me out after just swiping between streams. When attempting to login from the push notifications area of settings, it continues to show the loading screen for an undetermined amount of time (I usually exit the app after 15 minutes of loading). Despite having full wifi, the 3 instagram accounts I run simply will not resynch from "push notifications" and will not stay synced and logged in from all other areas of the mobile app. Any help you might be able to offer is appreciated!
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