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What are the pros & cons of the various options to connect WordPress to Hootsuite?

Hi guys,

What are the pros and cons of the following options to connect WP to Hootsuite : 
  • using the WP app
  • using a RSS app
  • using the RSS/Atom option in Hootsuite Editor
If I only want to publish to social media is the third option working well ?

Thank you,


  • Hi @regisb

    Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Forum! Great question.

    It depends whether you're looking to post directly to Wordpress from Hootsuite, or if you're looking to share your Wordpress content to your social networks. 

    If you're looking to post content from Hootsuite to your Wordpress blog or website, you can use the Wordpress app

    If you're looking to share your blog/website content to your social networks:
    • The RSS/Atom will automatically post the content for you at selected intervals. 

    • If you'd like to have more control over when your content is shared, you can use the RSS Syndicator. This will create a live stream in your dashboard of your Wordpress content so that you can manually select it and choose when you'd like to share. 
    I hope that this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions :)

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