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Can't Post to Instagram from Web (With Samsung Tablet)

Hello, I am attempting to upload a photo to Instagram from the web. I know I have to connect to a mobile app, and I have. However, when I try to schedule an instagram post from web, it says it will send a notification to my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but no notification is sent, and therefore the picture does not upload.

Any tips on syncing desktop to the Samsung Tab?


  • Hi @socialmediaguy999999,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Forum! Corina here and happy to look into this with you! Thank you for the details so far, there are a few more things I'd like to look into as we troubleshoot this!

    To start, do you have the Instagram account as one of your streams in your mobile app? Also, is there anyone else that has access to this Instagram account that may be getting the notifications first? Last but not least, have you been able to successfully post to Instagram in the past from the tablet? If you haven't already seen this super helpful video, please take a watch:

    Looking forward to helping further if the issue persists! 
  • Thanks for your quick response! Yes, I am able to use Instagram directly from the tablet and Yes, I set up instagram as one of the streams, and it appears in the mobile app. If someone else is getting the notifications, I'm not sure who it would be... 

    I think the main issue is that I'm using a wifi only tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite), and hootsuite is asking for a mobile phone number to connect to. Because it's not a phone, there is no phone number to connect to. Is it possible to send notifications to the mobile device without a phone number?

  • Hi @socialmediaguy999999 ,

    Thank you for getting back to us :smile: My name is Carolina and I'm from the Hootsuite Support Team! 

    First I want to confirm that the phone number is not necessary to set up your notifications for your Instagram postings. All you will need, is access to the Hootsuite Mobile app (make sure that you download this from the App Store/Google Play Store). 

    Once you downloaded it, please log in, go to Settings > Notifications, and ensure that your notifications for Instagram are turned on, there. You can view how to do this in this helpful video here: 

    I hope that helps! 

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