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I can not seem to connect my Facebook page to Hootsuite!!!!

Hi there, 

I am an admin of a Facebook Page but for some reason even when I check all the three provisions, Hootsuite seems to say "Can not connect". My personal Facebook account has no issues but my Facebook page does. I only have Instagram on my social networks so I'm not even over the limit for what is provided on a free plan. Could somebody help with this please!!!!!


  • Hi @2NVMusic

    Thank you for reaching out to the forum, sorry to hear that you are currently experiencing that issue. 

    This is a current issue that out development team is aware of, so I have created an email help ticket that has then been linked to our internal tracking system to ensure that you are kept informed of any updates as they occur.

    Thank you for your patience and hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day. We look forward to connecting via email as soon as we have updates. 

    Bye for now!
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