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Changes to Twitter's Character Count

Emilie_VEmilie_V Admin
edited March 14 in Hootsuite Updates

We all know that GIFs can take a Tweet from 0 to 100. Unfortunately, adding media attachments like GIFs or images to Tweets could often push them over the 140 character limit.

Luckily, Twitter has made some changes to what is counted in the character limit! 

When sending a Tweet from your Hootsuite dashboard, attachments like photos, GIFs, and videos will no longer use characters. That means your Tweets can now be exactly 140 characters and still include a file attachment. So, time to up your GIF game!

As usual, for any questions comment below, or Tweet us @Hootsuite_Help!

From your friendly Hootsuite Owls <3


  • can anybody tell me how to add twitter like button on my twitter page...plz help me i am geting problem in this
  • Hi there @suhasini

    Sandra here, with the Hootsuite Help Desk team. Thank you for reaching out to us on our Community Forum!

    Can you please give us a few details into what you are trying to do? Maybe a screenshot would also help. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Hi, my hootsuite has suddenly stopped generating previews of the links that I am posted to Facebook and LinkedIn. It just started yesterday and from what I can tell I haven't changed any settings.  
  • Hi @odonnellhka ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the community forum. Simone here, happy to help with your link preview issue.

    I have created a support ticket for you, to assist further by email! I will reach out shortly!

    Thank you for your patience.

    Warm regards,

    Simone | Customer Advocate 

  • Hi! Another recent change with Twitter makes it so links are no longer included in character count, but I don't see that reflected when I schedule my tweets. Am I doing something wrong or has this not been rolled out by Hootsuite, yet?
  • Hi @DeeMart

    Thanks for reaching out to us via the forum. Christy here from the support team, happy to help. 

    Links will still be subject to the character, just not for images, GIFs, or videos. Please check this help article for other Twitter updates

    Hope this helps, 

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