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Beta Bulk Composer

edited March 2017 in Hootsuite Updates
Mainly a pretty good update except for one very annoying little problem.

When you tick a selected network that happens to be Instagram, you get an error for every message uploaded...

"This social network requires that you attach at least 1 images."

Well, this is a) pretty obvious and b) you can't include images in your spreadsheet.

Why not just have it how is was before where you can upload the spreadsheet and add the images afterwards? The current way (I post to Twitter and Instagram) I have to select the images for each message (which is fine) and then tick that I want each message to also post to Instagram.


  • Hello @MarkJH

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Forum! Valentina here, happy to assist you in this matter!

    I'm sorry to hear that you don't find the Bulk Composer to your liking. The reason why we've included that error message for Instagram was to make sure that no Instagram posts are scheduled with no images attached, as this caused confusions in the past and led to failures for the scheduled messages with no images. 

    The new Bulk Composer allows you to upload the images while you also have the schedule in front of you and the text of the image, right before scheduling the messages for both social networks. 

    Please let me know if you see different results on your end, as from what I understand, scheduling with the bulk composer from Instagram doesn't schedule the Instagram posts, is this correct?

  • I have been using the new Bulk Composer ... it is proving to be more efficient for me -- to either catch up on posts for a specific stream or schedule common/holiday posts over many streams.   Also, for clients that don't have much content, I've created a featured product -- and the bulk composer was pretty handy for that as well.  

    Good job on some of the new features -- the tagger is very nice, I also loved being able to post to Wordpress as well.  The first line of text should be the title of the post.  Maybe blogger next.

    All in all, I'm grateful for the Bulk Composer -- however, I'd like to see some new features added -- which would make me pretty much "obsessed" with the Bulk Composer, lol.

    #1 The interactive image update feature worked great; however, I'd love to see Column D be an optional image URL or Local path -- for a featured image.   Obviously, if the url is used, I'd love for images to be automatically pulled -- but if an image is provided, override the automatic image pull.  On Google+, just do whatever makes Google happy, lol.

    #2 Additionally, not just for Bulk Composer, but even for standard posting, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add the ability to create a "Twitter" version of the post on the fly.   Even if it's separated by a | in the main text area.

    I'm not sure if you can or not, but I'd love to be able to back-date posts -- that would help in wordpress & facebook "catch-up" posts.

    Awesomeness -- contact me if you want me to alpha or beta anything - As a developer, I'm objective, understand works in progress & can be very helpful.
  • Hi there @jaredgerber,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community Support Forum. Sorina here, from the Support team, happy to help.

    I've created a Help Desk ticket for an advocate to assist further via e-mail with more details.

    Have a lovely rest of the day!
    Sorina | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Center

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