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Hi Does anyone know if there's a way to an the Facebook review stream to your account or if there's an update coming for it?


  • Hi @Expressbus

    Thank you so much for your message! To help you answer your question can you please elaborate a little about the Facebook stream that you wish to add to your Hootsuite Dashboard? 

    Are you referring to Facebook page reviews? Once we have more details, we will be happy to answer your question and provide you an update on it.

    Looking forward for your reply!

    Kind Regards,
    Kritika | Customer Advocate

  • Hi there, I second this @Expressbus.

    I really need a stream to keep an eye on anyone that posts a Review on my company's Facebook Page. 

    Please update us @Kritika_G as it'll mean I can depend on Hootsuite solely and therefore save me lots of time and effort using other apps :) 

  • Hi @Kekkle and @Expressbus

    Thanks for reaching out to us via the forum. Christy here, happy to help.

    Unfortunately, this is not a feature that we currently offer.

    We do encourage you to submit your idea to our feedback channel to get more exposure at: http://feedback.hootsuite.com .

    We manage all community ideas in this forum, where other Hootsuite users can vote on all the ideas they love. Our team frequently visits this forum to consider functionality changes and feature requests from our online community. You can also see some of the features we have planned for development in the future.

    We're listening, and appreciate your input to help make our product better!

    Thanks again,

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