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Hi everybody :)

I'm very newbie with Hootsuite, actually I haven't use it yet but the reason why I'm considering it is because I am a photographer and I would like to automate my communication.

I would like to Auto-Schedule a daily post that include a picture selected randomly in a folder (Portfolio).

I'm looking for this kind of trick all over internet but I still didn't find a way to do it with Hootsuite, Is it possible ? 

Thank you


  • Hi @NoSpHieL

    Denea here with the Hootsuite Help Desk team. Thank you for reaching out to us on our Community Forum! 

    I will be more than happy to help! 

    To clarify our AutoSchedule feature - when composing a message, our Auto-schedule enables the Hootsuite dashboard to calculate the optimal time to post your message for you. You will need to compose the messages with the attached images and then select AutoSchedule. 

    Here is some additional information on Scheduling and messages and AutoSchedule: 

    Please let us know if we can clarify or assist you further!


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    Ok sorry, I missed express myself (English isn't my first language...)
    So my question is just about scheduling then.

    What I would do, ideally, is to be able to pick a folder (on my computer or dropbox or something) which would be my own photostock, and ask HootSuite to post on 3 social network (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) a random picture with the same caption text, twice a day.

    Now I know this sounds very specific and you probably don't have any solution for me, but is it possible to schedule a shoot with a random picture from one folder at least? 

    Because I got more than 300 pictures in my portfolio and off course I loose track of which one I posted or not and scheduling 1 by one is a really long job...

    Thank you
  • Hi again @NoSpHieL!

    Thank you very much for clarifying your question, sorry for the misunderstanding! 

    Unfortunately automatically scheduling posts as you have outlined is not able to be done in Hootsuite. Photos must be selected and attached to a post, there is no way to have Hootsuite randomly select a photo to attach to a post. I do apologize. 

    One solution I might be able to recommend, however, is using our bulk schedule feature, which will allow you to schedule up to 350 messages into the future at one time. Images cannot be included in the bulk files but can be added after the upload by editing your scheduled message in the Publisher view in your Hootsuite dashboard. That way, you could prepare your posts well in advance and then not have to worry about them!

    Here is some more information on our Bulk Schedule feature:

    I do hope this helps clarify your question and hopefully offer you a solution! If we can assist further, please do let us know! Happy to help you find the best way to use Hootsuite to accomplish your goals. 



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    Yes that was the alternative I was thinking about...

    But since I use only 3 social networks (even a single one would be ok, with IFTTT) and this feature is available only from the Team business plan (34,99€/month) this is pretty expensive for a single feature...

    I suggest you to think about this feature, it would be a real Plus for models/interior's designer/painters and many more artists...

    Especially photographers that already have to deal with quite few different softwares, organise everything by library etc

    If we could sync it to a folder (local or in clouds) we could just export our best work there and to have to worry anymore about the communication, since our point is not to sell a particular product but to build a community of followers that like our work.

    As traveler/landscape photographer, most of the time I don't have internet or even electricity and that would be the perfect feature for me :)
  • Hi @NoSpHieL

    The bulk scheduling feature is also available in our Professional plan which might be a better fit at a better price, here is some more information on the plan here. If you haven't before, I'd recommend signing up for a Free Trial to test out the Bulk Composer feature:

    I do hope this helps! Let us know :) 

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