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RSS feed not working on Facebook

Hello everybody,

I'm a newbie here, sorry by advance if I'm not very clear (english is not my first language :-)).
I don't understand why this rss feed doesn't work when I want to add it in settings -> feed/atom :
Nevertheless, this web site validate it as a valide rss feed :
Can help me for this please ?
Thank you so much :-)


  • Hello, 

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Forum! Valentina here, happy to assist you in this matter. 

    Before setting up your RSS feeds through Hootsuite, it's important to ensure that the feed in question is actually a valid one. 

    Once you have a valid feed, there are a few more things to check in order to get it working with Hootsuite:

    1) Does your feed utilize pubDate to display the date and time? For reference: 

    2) Does your feed display the most recent post as having a PAST date? This is important because if the pubDate displays a FUTURE date (ex: Wed, 27 Dec 2130), Hootsuite will not publish posts with a pubDate before the future date.

    3) Do the links inside each post redirect to a different source URL? If they link to the exact same source URL, Hootsuite will think they're the same post and therefore only publish the post that originally links to the source URL.

    I hope this answers your question. Should you need any other clarification or you have pending questions, don't hesitate to reply to this message and I'll happily assist. 

  • Thank you Valentina for your return.
    But I have a specific rss feed ( which is validated by this web site as you can see :
    I tried with other rss feeds, not recognized as valid ones ; so I can understand why it doesn't work with them.
    The only ones working are rss feeds which include an extension .xml (for example this one :
    Is it necessary to have an extension .xml or maybe .php in my rss feed to be recognized by hootsuite ?
    Moreover my feed ( shows events happening today, and so is everyday.
  • Hi @mimi

    Thanks for getting back to us. 

    I have had a look at your RSS feed further and it seems it does not have any "
    <pubDate>" tags. Our reader does require these pub dates to be tagged to ensure that content can be posted! 

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. :) 

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