Please read if you are here to gather information about Pprofmedias spamming issue.

Hootsuite is a self serve platform and the links you are seeing are being shortened using the public service, so it's not possible for us to limit this functionality. We have flagged this with Security, who have confirmed that they have started conversations to address this issue.

Pprofmedias is not a Hootsuite user and is using a website offered to anyone who can access the public website.

It seems that Pprofmedias have replaced their 'unsubscribe' link with our website address, so users believe we are spamming. Unfortunately, as you have already gathered, this unsubscribe button does not work.

If you could block or mark the sender as spam within your email client this should help to prevent the emails while we work on resolving this issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Including Geo-location Tag in Pre-scheduled Posts for Facebook and Instagram

Hello community,
Attempting to pre-schedule FB and IG posts for a business client.  They want the posts to include a geo-location tag of their business.  Is it possible to select that option when scheduling in HootSuite?


  • Hi @SSanstead

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us via the forum. My name is Christy, from the support team. 

    Unfortunately, geo-location tags from Hootsuite are based on IP address and location. You will not be able to tag their location when posting for them.

    Sorry about that, 

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