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Photo posting sideways

Hi, whenever I post from my android using the Hootsuite app my pics all post sideways.  I have already read in this community fixes like uploading to my computer but this does not help someone who is posting at an event in real time.  Can you help?


  • Hi @KellyBHS!

    As I fellow Android user, I can help! If you are taking the photos in landscape mode, the metadata will show the photo as being rotated.

    To fix this, edit the photo in your phone and rotate it to the side, save it, and then rotate it back upright and save again. That will reset the metadata, and your photos should be right-side-up.

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask, and I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Richard | Customer Advocate 
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    There have been complaints about this issue since at least 2012. I have an S6 and was at a fundraiser last night. I wanted to post "on the fly" pics, as it was going down. No time for editing, cropping. Sure enough, 5 photos, on 5 separate social media platforms, all sideways. Frustrating!!
  • Hi @DCINDE,

    Max here, with the Hootsuite Help Desk team. Thank you for reaching out to us on our Community Forum!

    I am sorry to hear about your frustration. I can totally understand what you mean.

    Please note that different programs interpret metadata such as orientation of photos differently. If the information is incomplete or wrong this can lead to a situation like the one you were describing. Unfortunately Hootsuite is unable to interpret the orientation of a photo correctly without the metadata. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I hope this helps clarify. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Max | Customer Advocate | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Center

  • I am having the same problem my photos show properly in hootesuite but sideways or upside down on my social sites. 

    I see several posts but zero resolutions. How do I resolve this?
  • Hi @Markclowrey!

    This is Julio from Hootsuite Support Team, thanks for reaching out with your question.

    As my fellow owl Max stated in his past response, unfortunately we're unable to interpret the orientation of a photo correctly when there's no metadata.

    As a workaround, I'd suggest you to open the picture in your PC and editing it with the right orientation.

    Hope you find this information useful, please let us know if you have any additional questions!
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    To Hootsuite:

    I think the challenge us that experience this have is that when we post the item in Hootsuite the Hootsuite app displays the photo in the right orientation within the app. It is only after Hootsuite posts it to social media streams that the photo changes orientation. Wouldn't it make sense that if the user loads a photo and sees that the orientation is correct in Hootsuite that the Hootsuite app should append the metadata so the photo displays in the orientation that the user saw it as in the app?
  • Hi @DanGarion,

    Thanks so much for reaching Hootsuite's Community Forum.

    In this particular case, we would need to analyze the image in a case to case basis.

    Image may be oriented differently depending on how it was created.

    If the image in question is a photograph taken with a mobile device, it will take the original device's camera orientation and factors like whether or not the device rotation was enabled among others need to be considered.

    If you need help with an specific post, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can look further into this.

    I hope this helps to clarify and please reach back if you need any more help.

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    @Julio_G thank for the reply but that is not an option when posting in the locations I'm in since the only device I have is my phone. Being able to post during an event is the point of all this no?

    I am not the only one with this issue and so I pose the question to you.

     What is it you/Hootsuite need from we the users to resolve the issue?

    Original image:I uploaded using Hootsuite looks fine, but after Hootsuite does whatever it needs to do to the image it gets rotated.

    It looks like a code issue. Does Hootsuite process the images using calculations/algorithms on our images?  

    How it looks in my Instagram after posting. This is how it looks in any of my social sites using Hootsuite.

  • Markclowrey,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I've created a ticket for you so that we can connect with you further via email to investigate this issue further. Please stay tuned to your inbox where we'll be reaching out for further information!
  • This is still happening sometimes. Happened to me last night when I was out of the home and had a social media (dinner promotion) pic to publish right away.... it kept putting the photo sideways and I had read before "turn the photo in your gallery to adjust" so I did that but then it turned it just kept it turned that time! No matter what, the photo was sideways, one way or the other and no way to adjust it. Frustrating.
  • Hello @mysgyn

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Forum!

    I would like to know if you are using direct publishing or push notifications. 

  • Hi - 
    I have recently started using Hootsuite to post to my company Instagram page and any images that I add always post sideways. I've tried to open the image in paint and rotate, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm not using an android either. I primarily use my Dell computer to schedule posts. Any advice would be helpful. 
  • Hello @thinkniello,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I've created a ticket so our team can have a look into this situation and reach out to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
  • I am experiencing this same problem on an iPhone.  I attempted both taking a "live" photo with the camera while within Hootsuite, and also selecting a photo that I had already taken which was on my iPhone's camera roll.

    Both images were oriented correctly in the post preview in Hootsuite.  However, when the posts were pushed to IG, the photo orientation changed.

    If the metadata in photo was incorrect, I would expect the post preview to show the image oriented incorrectly.. that would at least allow the user to see the problem (and hopefully be able to correct it.)

    I have used the Hootsuite app on my desktop computer without this problem.. it's unfortunate that "on the fly" posts from a mobile device do not seem to be working properly.
  • The Hootsuite mobile app (Android) seems to have no issue identifying the metadata and correctly rotating the image. However while the preview is correct, the ultimate post to LinkedIn is sideways and makes me look foolish. 
  • @Mirla_M it is through both my pc and my phone. Almost every photo it turns. I put them in "correctly" and then in instagram it's rotated 90 degrees. Other platforms (twitter/facebook) they are the correct way but in instagram, sideways. On my PC it goes directly, on my android phone it's push notifications, so both!
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I'm afraid that Hootsuite cannot read this orientation tag - your phone's Photo app will do - which is why the picture is posted sideways. 

    Please rotate the images, save, and then rotate them back. This will reset your image's metadata and allow them to uploaded with the correct orientation.

    When posting via the desktop, you can easily update the orientation of the image in Preview, or using a website such as
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    Thank you for your reply and I will try that with my phone (but what a pain to have to upload, see if it's sideways, rotate it, save, rotate it back, so your program can read it correctly? This has NEVER happened before and suddenly is happening the last few months??? YEARS of it not happening but now it has but it's suddenly my photos? Doubtful but I'll try anything to not look the fool with my clients posting a sideways photo...). 

    Oh and on desktop, not true. In the preview it showed as the correct orientation but posted it sideways... While it only happened once, it did happen. (But almost all the time on mobile)

    p.s. I just looked and it's happening on instagram AND twitter AND Facebook! Instagram I just get the preview to see it. so embarrassing! 
  • Just as a p.s. and maybe this is beyond my realm of expertise.... but why doesn't it just post it in the orientation it is uploaded? Why is it trying to "correct" something that isn't to be corrected? If I upload it one way, just post it the same way? There should be no reason for the program to read anything, just post the photo. I don't understand why it is trying to read an orientation tag and rotate photos. We'll take care of that in the original scheduling of our photo?
  • I have been having this problem recently, too. Prior to this HS has worked beautifully, with only a few random misfires. Now it is happening most of the time. I agree with everyone above. The point of using HS instead of having to go to each individual account is not just to have one platform from which to publish, but also to ensure that what's going out can be done accurately and quickly. Extra steps like this are not helpful. This seems to be an issue after the last update. 

    I am on a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930V, last update Jan 26, 2018, G930VVRS4BRA1.
    Android system 7.0 Nougat
    Hootsuite Pro Account on version 3.13.2

    Please fix this, or help us figure out what setting in the camera I need to change, or whatever. This doesn't help marketing teams do their jobs the way we need to. 
  • Alexandru_T  I tried your fix, of rotating the image, saving, and rerotating and nothing. Still posted sideways. It shows in preview as the correct orientation but rotates it in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So I had to post individually on each platform, making Hootsuite a moot app
  • Still doing it. I keep trying and it keeps failing and I keep having to do it manually and not use Hootsuite. Here are some images from my desktop attempt as well... 

    It's maddening and if it doesn't get resolved I will have to get a refund for the money spent and cancel my use of hootsuite.... it's REALLY REALLY BAD GUYS.
  • I'm having this problem on all platforms when posting from my Samsung...why have an App that doesn't work?  The point of posting from my phone is that I am out and about, and don't have to upload a photo to my computer to them post it.  Something that should be convenient, just isn't
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I searched online and found and Samsung phones might actually default to taking landscape pictures and an order to rotate the photo is sent every time a photo is taken in vertical position.  In case the photo was taken vertically, this would explain why it was posted sideways.

    You can also try clearing the cache of the camera app or the cache partition in your Android device to see if this is a temporary issue rather than a design decision from Samsung. Here are two links that might help you:

    Otherwise, you would need to use your phone's photo editing functionality to rotate the picture 360 degrees or crop it so that the orientation is saved. An apology in advance for the additional steps.

  • @Alexandru_T
    But this is not the case. If you read above, it's PCs and other devices as well. It is NOT an Android only problem! 

    And this just started. I've been using my Android phone with the Hootsuite app for YEARS and this just started recently. 

    This only happens when I use Hootsuite.
    It happens on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
    It happens when I use my PC OR my android device.

    Please take us seriously? I don't know how much longer I can pay for a service I can't use waiting for a fix that no one seems to want to make.
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I can see that you have an open ticket with us. Will investigate your case further and get back to you over email once we have more details. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
  • This is also happening to me from my PC and only for instagram! This is a real frustration as the ability to include Instagram is the reason I chose hootsuite!
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭
    Hello @CleveleyC23,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    As this issue may require additional steps of troubleshooting I have created a help desk support ticket for you and I will be reaching out to you shortly via e-mail.

  • They are asking us to use yet another service to "correct" the orientation. Um, every computer/phone I use, every social media platform, EXCEPT Hootsuite, sees my photos the correct way, the way I send it. I am not going to do MORE work to be able to pay to use your program! Yep, upload my photos to a free site and do more work to correct something that doesn't need, and never needed before recently, correcting...

    Here was the "answer" I was given from Hootsuite:

    ...computers and social networks will look at the orientation setting in two different places. Windows and Hootsuite usually will look at the EXIF data. Mac computers and Twitter will look at the TIFF data.
    To adjust and solve this I would recommend you to optimize your pictures in a website like it is a free website and it will re.write the orientation of the file to make it the same for TIFF & EXIF data. 

    Except besides not wanting to use a website/program to have my files, I also have NO problem using my Windows directly to Twitter (or Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc) and I don't use a Mac. But there IS a problem on every platform when I use Hootsuite. 

    I feel like Hootsuite is trying to put the blame anywhere but on them but they are the only place the error occurs. 

    I hope they take this seriously and correct it!
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭
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    I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by this so far. Our Development team is looking into this issue and we will let you know once we can provide you with any further details surrounding this through your HelpDesk ticket.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate for your patience while we work to investigate this matter.
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