Why arent my links pulling through to Preview Generator?

Usually when I insert a link it comes up with an image, title and snippet, but since yesterday afternoon it is only coming up with Check out this link,  with none of the above information. This is also happening for a colleague on the same account. Why is this? I cant post anything out when its like this


  • Hello @RhiannonDavies,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I've created a ticket for you so that we can connect with you further via email to investigate this issue further. Please stay tuned to your inbox where we'll be reaching out for further information!

  • Same thing here
  • Hey @wattsdr

    Thank you for reaching out on the Forum!

    I have created a support ticket for you, which will allow me to contact you via email. I will touch base shortly to discuss this issue further.

    Take care,
  • Me too! Same problem. 
  • Same thing is happening to me as well and another person I know. It's been going on for several days now. It happens to almost every link I try to share and is affecting my business greatly.
    Lyn Lomasi
    Owner of Write W.A.V.E. Media
  • Same thing is happening to me as well.  Even though the links were not pulling through properly it was still posting them correctly but now it wont post them properly either.  It has no picture attached to the post anymore and just says check out this link.  
  • Hi @jmknudsen,
    Hi @LynLomasi,
    Hi @SarahFrances,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite support team via forum. My name is Beatrice and I’m happy to assist you.

    I just created a help ticket for you and we will reach out via email to discuss this issue further. 

    Thank you for your patience and a sincere apology for the inconvenience caused.



  • I'm having the same problem in
  • Me too! Same problem. 
  • Hi @buyer and @JosepMFlores

    Thank you for reaching out to us today via Hootsuite Community Forum! My name is Kritika from Hootsuite support team and I will be happy to assist you!

    I have created a support ticket for you and we will be reaching out to you shortly via e-mail! 

    Kind Regards,
    Kritika | Customer Advocate
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    I began having the exact same problem yesterday. All links for all social networks are resulting in "check out this link" when I try to publish through Hootsuite. I need this corrected ASAP. We are a marketing agency that manages the social media for multiple clients. 
  • Having the same issue started yesterday. 
  • Add me to the list of Hootsuite users with this problem. Hootsuite is basically useless right now, which is unfortunate given I rely on it to maintain all social media for my business.
  • same problem, please help!
  • I am getting the same error. Like others in this thread, we are a marketing agency that needs to have this functioning properly working for our clients. Beatrice_N 
  • Yes, I've been having this problem for a couple of weeks now. Would love to know if there is a solution.
  • I'm having this same issue.  What's the resolution?
  • Hi @hdowell, @midwestrealness

    Thank you for reaching out to us via forum.

    I can see that you already have a support ticket open with us on this issue about link previews not generating and we'll keep communicating with you via that email ticket.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  • Hi @markS, @pdhamilton, @cyberdov, @Inspire_Marketing, @NicolaMacdonald,

    Thank you all for reaching out to us via forum!

    I would like to confirm that our development team is aware of the issue about link previews not generating. If you'd like to be notified as soon as we will have an update on this, please let us know and we will create a support ticket for you.

    An apology for the inconvenience caused by this issue. 

    Kind regards,
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