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Instagram video upload via Hootsuite app doesn't work. Stuck in loading mode

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I'm using android, .mp4, video is less than 1 min and I've tried to upload a video using hootsuite so many times my phone battery died!!!

I've already lost over 2 hours trying! Talk about saving time ... this hootsuite app is eating up all your time, much more than it saves you!

edit: after deleting all cache on both hootsuite and instagram app, it finally worked from the first try.
I think I tried like 20 times and left it loading for 5-7 minutes or more each time!

edit2: it only worked by sheer dumb luck. i tried to upload again because the 1st one was muted by hootsuite, i couldn't upload any videos. video upload on instagram via hootsuite doesn't work! And I have a 1 Gbps fiber connection! 

It's not me. It's YOU!


  • Hi @eno ;

    Thank you for reaching out to our Forum support channel!

    Our Hootsuite app does not edit any aspect of the content that is uploaded when it comes to videos. For sound, it is recommended to check, first of all, the original file, and second, the media sound settings on the device you are playing this video. 

    Instagram and other apps may ask for you to tap on the video first to enable the audio, so we just need to make sure file originally has the correct audio settings and media sounds settings are in place. 

    It is also recommended to test audio, if possible, from a different device to see if it's an issue with the uploaded file or with the settings. 

    I hope this helps!

  • enoeno
    edited August 2017
    Of course it has sound !!!! It uploaded to Facebook just fine!
    I can't fu#$ing believe you're telling me to check if my phone's sound is not muted ... do you deal with morons and idiots all day, or are you assuming everyone else is like you?

    Your service is just useless!!!!  it doesn't even work!
    The fact it uploaded MUTED after clearing the cache was just DUMB LUCK, because the 2nd time it got stuck in LOADING 



    I had to resort to Gramblr!

    How come Gramblr can schedule uploads and post on your behalf and you can't with hootsuite ?!?!?

    Build a desktop hootsuite app if you have to, but make it work !!!!

    video uploads on instagram via Hootsuite still doesn't work!

    I'm so fu#%$ing pissed. I wasted 3 hours on this crap and my time is VERY valuable!!!
  • Hi eno,

    Thank you for following-up and my apologies for any frustration.

    I have created a support ticket to move this conversation to email.

    Thank you for your patience and I will be in touch soon.

    Kind regards, 

    Stephanie | Customer Advocate 
  • Thank you.
    The problem seems to have resolved itself and I was able to upload video without problems. No sound problems or trouble uploading.
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