My pictures are uploading blurry on my instagram account

I've tried everything but my pictures have all of a sudden started to upload blurry. I have two accounts and on one of them the pictures upload perfectly clear but on my main account they are blurry even though its the same picture. I've updated instagram, updated my IOS, used non compression options to send my pics from my laptop to my phone, tried to upload straight from apps like lightroom but nothing works! Im really cofused as to why the pics are perfect on one of my accounts and look terrible on the one I need them to be uploaded to. Please give me any suggestions that I have not tried yet, i'd be super grateful!! 


  • Hello @Sc1616

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Support Team! This is Ximena, and I'll be more than happy to assist you today.

    In order for me to investigate further into this, I would like to pull this conversation into an email ticket to get more details.

    I will be reaching back to you very soon!

    Ximena | Customer Advocate
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