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RSS feed not working

edited September 2017 in Hootsuite Dashboard
I've got an RSS feed set up that turns off at least once every couple of weeks.  I've validated the feed and it still continues to do this.  Here's the link  Can you tell me why this keeps happening?  


  • Oh for pity sakes.  Someone went in and changed the feed to a link that didn't work.  Never mind. :#
  • Hello @dcclerk

    Thank you for reaching out to our Community Support Forum. This is Jonathan and I saw your post from earlier today.

    I'm glad to know that your issue has been resolved :smiley: Anyways, if for some reason you happen to encounter a new issue with your RSS Feed please refer to this link for initial assistance:

    Add, pause, delete an RSS feed / RSS

    You'll find there as well some of the most common issues with these feeds and how to solve them.

    Thank you once again for reaching out today and do not hesitate to come back if you need further assistance, we're more than happy to help!

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