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Posting as a Page to a Group

I have a Facebook Page and Group for the same business. I linked the two accounts so that I can post as the Page to the Group. When using Hootsuite, the posts I create for the Group are posting from my personal account instead of the Page. Is it possible to change this?


  • Hello @hremington,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    Regrettably it is not possible to post to a group from a page from Hootsuite. The posts to groups will always come from the profile that is logged in as admin.

    Should Facebook make a change to this process in the future, and update the API to include this, our developers will certainly look into incorporating into the Hootsuite platform.
  • Is there any way to post to facebook as a facebook page? It seems I'm only able to post as my personal account.
  • Hello @SethK,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    Facebook's API only allows posting to a Facebook Page that you own. You cannot post as a Facebook Page to another Facebook Page from Hootsuite as a consequence.
  • Hi there! Any update on this functionality? Thanks!! 
  • Hello @Jessica_G

    Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Forum! Mihai here, happy to assist you on this matter. 

    As we are granted permissions from your Facebook profile, the posts to the Facebook Groups can only appear as published under your name, not a different one or a Page. Therefore, only if Facebook releases this function, we will be able to add it to your service.

    If you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here in the forum, contact one of our advocates on Live Chat at the bottom of this page, or tweet us @Hootsuite_Help.

    Mihai | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Center
  • I am gettin conflicting information from various sources, but what I am understanding from your answer is that it is not possible to post AS A PAGE to a group via Hootsuite.  

    Is it possible to post as a Page natively in Facebook?  I suppose if it is not possible, it makes me wonder about the overall value of having a business page.

    Also, I have clearly seen others post into groups as a business, so I imagine this is a Page.  This is very confusing.
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