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RSS Feed "Checkout this Link" Facebook Posts & RSS Feed not sending links for one of the feeds.

Our company have been noticing two problems with Hootsuite recently. 

1. We use Hootsuite to automatically post blog links to different clients' Facebook pages. We have been noticing that since October 18th, all of the blog posts only say "Check out this Link" and do not give the actual link title. We have noticed other people have been having the same issue as well, so we know this is an ongoing problem.

2. We have two blogs on our website that we use for our clients' Facebook pages. We use the RSS Feed to have the blog posts automatically posted onto their Facebook pages. We have all of the RSS Feeds set up the same way to send to these links to each clients' Facebook page, but the only difference is their Feed URLs are different (depending on the client). Some clients are set to the "Pet-Blog" Feed URL and the others are set to the "Pet-Blog-2" Feed URL. We have been noticing that those who are set to the "Pet-Blog-2" Feed URL are not having the links posted onto their Facebook pages. The clients who are set to the "Pet-Blog" Feed URL have had their links posted regularly, but the "Pet-Blog-2" Feed URL does not seem to be posting at all. 

Can you please help find a solution to these two problems? 


  • Hello there,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on our Community Forum! This is Daniel from the Hootsuite Support Team, happy to help!

    As for the first problem for the link preview, this is an issue identified already affecting several users for the last couple of weeks and our development team is currently working to solve it as fast as possible.

    As the second issue requires some further investigation, I have created a support ticket for you and will be reaching out via email.

    Thank you!
    Daniel L
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