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Facebook pictures not posted in correct order

Hi everyone!

We have been having some issues with programming posts with multiple pictures. These are "Top 3" posts and they need to be in a certain order - title photo first, then 3, 2, 1 and end cover. At first they were posting as separate posts and I fixed that by selecting an album other than "Timeline Photos" and now they are all in the same post but they're all out of order (#1 is first on the top left, #3 is second on the top right, then the end cover on bottom left, then the front cover and #2 when you click the +).

I was able to change the order of the photos manually on the album on Facebook, but we need to be able to program these in advance and make sure it's correct so we don't have to edit the album every time. Does anybody have a fix for this?



  • Hi there!

    Facebook creates a summary of the photos you uploaded in the last 24 hours, rather than a publication with 3 pictures, so I am afraid the order will be random when you're looking at your posts on your timeline, but your pictures will appear in order on your photos tab.

    I hope this information helps, let us know if you have any other questions. Have a nice weekend!
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