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iPhone X not working with Copy to Instagram

my iPhone X will not allow me to Copy to Instagram properly with the current format of Copy to Instgram not working with the new screen. The “next” toggle sits under the signal and battery symbols in the top right of the screen not allowing you to progress to posting. 

Does the app need to be updated or is this an Apple issue? 


  • Hi @Ketch,

    Thanks for using Hootsuite! My name is Carlos from Customer Support, and I am so glad to be the one assisting you.

    There is definitely an issue with the new screen of the iPhone X and some apps, it is not an Apple issue but a developer issue of people that create the apps.

    At the moment what we need to do is wait for Instagram to update their app, when it opens triggered by an external source like ours the "Next" button does not stay below the status symbols.

    If the apps are not updated please do install the new versions but if they are, there should still be an Instagram update coming once the App Store reopens after New Year.

    Do let us know if you have any question, we will be more than happy to help.

  • Yes this is a huge issue for us.  I imagine there are a lot of complaints coming in on this one.  Ultimately I have no way to use Instagram using this app / phone until this is resolved. 
  • I also have this problem. When is Instagram likely to update? 
  • Hi @Mike_Kav@Hols !

    Thank you both for getting in touch with us via the Hootsuite Community Forum.

    I'm afraid that we do not have an ETA for when the Instagram app is likely to be updated.

    However, I'm sure that they are aware of this issue and you will not have to wait much longer.

    Please stay tuned to the iTunes App Store.

    In the meantime, please feel free to get back to us with any other questions or concerns you may have.

    Have a nice day!
  • So this is an Instagram problem? I’m not paying for Instagram, why is HS not working on a solution for their customers?
  • Golfap2s,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I'm afraid this is a general problem with the Instagram app itself. While the main interface off the app has been updated to support the iPhone X, the screen when content is shared from third party apps - such as Hootsuite - has not.

    This should come in a future version of the Instagram app so please make sure you keep an eye on any updates from the App Store.
  • The answer is all well and good for those of us who have paid a fortune to upgrade to the 'best' iphone we are now not able to use in my case one of the primary functions on the phone which is totally ridiculous. Who do we contact if you are not able to help us to find out when the fix will be put in place. They need to fix this NOW 
  • On reflection, if this has been an issue since the phone came out in November what is the realistic lead time on fix. I have only had the phone for 24 hours so it is new to me. Also, Hootsuite you say it is an issue with Instagram but the issue is only a problem when publishing instagram posts from hootsuite to Instagram so is it not your app which needs the update? Instagram stand alone is fine for pushing posts. 
  • I have tweeted hootsuite and instagram and have reported the problem via my instagram app but the feedback is there is NO ETA on FIX!  Noooooooo come on guys, we can not operate without this functionality!! 

  • @curiousworld

    Hi there, I understand this is frustrating.

    I am positive Instagram is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. As of right now, our only option is to wait for them to update their API so that third party users such as Hootsuite can provide this feature to their users.  

    Once they open their API, Hootsuite will be able to provide you this feature. Unfortunately, we have no influence over their roadmap, features, updates, etc. 

    We appreciate your patience, believe me, we are also waiting for this feature as well. Hopefully we will be able to provide this to you soon. Thanks again for understanding. 


  • This should come in a future version of the Instagram app so please make sure you keep an eye on any updates from the App Store
  • It is January 15. Three weeks since I got my iPhoneX and still no fix from Instagram. I have reported this problem to Instagram four times and no response. I cannot use any other app to post to Instagram on my new iPhone X. What a complete pain. 
  • Hi @alpartist

    Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry that this is frustrating. We too are waiting for Instagram to release this feature. Like, @vinaychandel121 said, keep your eye out for any updates in the app store. 


  • This seems to be resolved now!  Just worked nicely for me. 
  • I am using Iphone X and am having this problem. When can Instagram update? I also have a ringtone for my own Iphone X.
  • Alexandru_TAlexandru_T ✭✭✭
    Hello @mimichan,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    We will update you on your mobile app once we receive news on this matter from Instagram. Thank you for your understanding and for your patience!
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