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Schedule and Publish Photos Directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

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It’s here!! Your #Instalife just got better with Hootsuite. Users can now schedule and publish photos directly to Instagram using Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app.

 One of the fastest growing social network on the Hootsuite platform, Instagram, through its Graph API, will now allow Hootsuite users to schedule and publish single photo posts directly to Instagram through their Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app.

The new feature is available as of today for all Hootsuite customers with Instagram Business Profile. Read more about becoming an Instagram business profile and enabling direct publishing to Instagram through Hootsuite here:

To publish videos to business profiles and photos to personal profiles, continue using the Instagram notification workflow. Please note that Instagram Stories and multi-image carousel posts are currently not supported.

Happy Instagram publishing!!  <3



  • Are you sure this works? I connected my business profile as asked and tried to post a single image to Instagram. It said it is posted but it's not on my Instagram feed now.
  • even worse, it went through another instagram account of our customers even though i'm sure i connected to the correct account.
  • I got the same problem! I was glad that it finally arrived. It went to another account. Is there any way to disable it? I already disconnected the other instagram from FB but hootesuite is still posting there. Since the target market I am trying to reach is in the US and I am in Japan, this direct photo posting is very helpful but it only goes to another instagram account. Thanks
  • I unlinked the other instagram business account from FB. Problem is hootesuite doesn't recognize me as admin to the instagram account that I am trying to enable the direct photo posting. Do I have to log in on the FB that is associated with the instagram business account I am managing? thanks
  • Hello,

    I am glad to see I am not alone... I scheduled posts for Instagram, but I don't know where they have gone ! And now, I can see on my Hootsuite mobile app that one of the scheduled post is on the queue, waiting for beeing published, just as the "good old" version. 
    Honestly, I am disappointed... when will this be fixed ?
  • I am having the same problem!!  I manage several instagram accounts and thought this new feature would be amazing as I would not have to log in and out of every account several times a day... and after a cumbersome setting up... (Deleting every account, adding it back, authenticating in FB, etc) 
     I finally did my first post and  IT WENT TO THE WRONG ACCOUNT!!!  
    I logged out of all accounts on my phone and tried again.. and again it posted on that same account.  
    I even tried logging into the actual account I wanted to post to on the phone and tried it again... and again it went to that wrong account. 

    Of course the client is wondering what the hell I did!!  I was able to delete the posts as soon as I figured out the situation, but I have a very angry client who thinks I am incompetent :( 

    Is this going to be fixed?  In the meantime I have to delete all accounts again and add back to hootsuite in the old fashion way.  What a waste of time!!!

  • This is happening to me as well- we have a few different instagram business accounts and I went through each one to set up auto posting and post went out on the wrong feed.
  • Im not able to @mention anyone when creating the post to be scheduled?  No suggestions are coming up at all?
  • hi
    i tried to post through hootsuite on twitter, google+ and instagram simultaneously but, its direct posting on instagram and google+ but still sending notification on mobile app 
    is direct posting still a premium feature?
  • Hi there!
    We've got pretty excited to know we could schedule posts and direct publish our clients posts, but it's not working properly at the momment. When we try to enable  the Direct Publishing and authenticate through a Facebook Account it's shows the following message: Could not find Instagram business profile. 

    Our Instagram is on a Business Account, it's linked to the Facebook Page and my personal profile is the Administrator of the Facebook Page.

    Is anyone having the same trouble? Could you guys helps us out?


  • Same issue here. Posts are being published on the wrong account and the platform says I'm not the admin of the Facebook Business page when I try to reconnect.
  • I'm having the same issues everyone is explaining above. Posting to the wrong account, not authorized, etc. I even have a support ticket in but it's not been very helpful. It's also disappointing that this post has been on the forum for nearly 3 days now without a response from Hootsuite. 
  • edited February 3
    I finally got a response from Hootsuite: “My sincerest apologies! As it turns out, this is a known issue related the Instagram posting at the moment. ”
    they go on to say that they are working with Instagram to fix this.   
    What I don’t understand is why they would release a feature that is not fully tested and functioning!  
  • I'm having the same issue - does anyone know how to DISCONNECT the auto post feature so I can go back to scheduling my posts like normal?  
  • @charlottefamilyyoga
     Yes we noticed the same thing - our engagement has seemed to tank after this, and I Don't know how to turn it off now... If anyone in the community or on the HS team figures this out, please let us know ASAP/
  • I think I have just managed to disconnect this.  Click on your profile in the very top right corner and then Manage Social Networks.  Remove the Instagram account and then add it (you will need your instagram log in details).  It will prompt you to set up automatic publishing to Instagram, so choose - no.
  • I have just noticed that the downside is that it deleted all the scheduled messages for Instagram, so now I need to redo them. 
  • It's nice to know other people are having issues as well.  Mine post to IG sometimes and other times it doesn't.

    My bigger question is why hasn't there been a response from Hootsuite on this yet here.
  • Hi everyone - was able to get a fix from Miguel in Customer Support! Here is how you go about reverting to the old way to use push notifications to post to IG. 

    1. Revoke Hootsuite's access from the Facebook account used to enable the direct posting:

    2. Select your profile picture from the top right corner -> Select Account and Settings -> Select Preferences -> Click the Clear cached messages button.

    3. Try sending a post to the Instagram account, which will trigger a "reconnect" prompt

    4. Click on Reconnect

    5. When asked if you want to set up automatic posting, click “I don’t want to publish directly”

  • Hi,

    Did a monitored test on the schedule+direct posting on IG feature and everything went seemingly well. However as I started to verify that the hashtags are working, they were in fact not. I checked with the smaller hashtags whether we come in the most recent posts, but nope, nothing with any of the 20 hashtags used. So then I copy+pasted the hashtags to a comment and then they worked.

    I don't know if this is a known issue, but something definitely was not working there with the hashtags. And as there are other people complaining about the fall in engagement, this could be the reason.
  • Having the same problem re engagement now we're publishing directly from Instagram. Would appreciate any ideas or help on how to fix this! Thanks. 
  • This should be available in all paid Hootsuite accounts not just Business. If I want this feature I have to jump from paying $80 per month to $400
  • THIS BUSINESS INSTAGRAM posting ISN'T working! I have deleted my account 10 times on hootesuite, as directed on your "How to Publish on Your Instagram Business" and no, you still won't schedule the posts. It STILL has to be done manually. Which, yeah, I can do by myself. Why can't this be fixed already??
  • @charlottefamilyyoga so glad I found your post!! Our posts went from average 30 likes to 1-2 and sometimes zero! I thought it was bizarre. Disconnected now thankfully and deleted and reposted the same photo and it immediately started getting engagement - what on earth has Hootsuite done to let this happen??
  • @Helen @charlottefamilyyoga I've experienced this too across three business accounts. I wonder if this lower engagement is actually something to do with Instagram penalizing users for auto-posting to the app, as it goes against their ethos of sharing 'in the moment' snapshots. I can't be sure of course, just a feeling. Using push notifications via this and other services (e.g. Later) seems to resolve it, however I am wanting posts to go out automatically over the weekend and in the evenings while I'm not manning these business accounts, so it's less than ideal.
  • Buenas tardes tengo una duda solo trego registrada una cuenta Instagram en Hootsuite uan vez alcanzando el limite de la cuenta pára programar que de 30 en el caso de las gratuitas, ya no permitira publicar mas o debo esperar al siguiente mes para publicar , vivo ne Venezuela y no me es posible comprar lo servicios. Gracias 
    Good afternoon I have a doubt only registered trego Instagram account in Hootsuite uan time reaching the limit of the account to program that of 30 in the case of free, will no longer allow to publish or I must wait for the next month to publish, I live ne Venezuela and it is not possible for me to buy the services. Thank you

  • It worked for 2 days for me, now it again asks to publish manually to instagram. 
  • We've had all of these issues but they seem to have resolved themselves over the past couple of weeks. New issue cropped up yesterday - the Instagram keeps disconnecting from Hootsuite, is anyone else having this problem? 
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