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Failed refreshing push subscriptions error for enabling push subscriptions to Instagram

I see from the forums that this is a known problem. As per other users, after downloading the app on my phone, I go to the push notification centre and all it shows me is "unable to refresh your push notifications...please check your connection and make sure notifications for hootsuite are enabled in your devices settings". Although, my 'connection' is fine and my phone allows the notifications. All other apps (Buffer and Social Pilot included) allow push noticfications but not Hootsuite. Please help!


  • Hello @LisaMcLachlan,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    I've created a ticket so our team can have a look into this situation and reach out to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

  • Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and am having the same problem connecting to Instagram, the Hootsuite app keeps saying to check my connection and make sure notifications for Hootsuite are enabled (which I have checked and they are). I have uninstalled and re-installed Hootsuite and no luck. 
  • Hello @Virid,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Community Forum! 

    To help you with this I have created a support ticket for you and will be reaching out to you shortly via e-mail. 

  • Hello, having the same problem here
  • Any chance we can get an update on this issue? Thanks
  • Hello,

    I am also having the same problem - I've just installed (and uninstalled and reinstalled) Hootsuite on my phone, notifications are enabled on my device and connection is fine, but I'm not able to enable push notifications as I keep getting 'Unable to refresh your Push Subscriptions'. Any help/advice would be welcome.

  • I'm having the exact same issue, with galaxy 8. Advice/help very much needed. Thanks!
  • I'm having the same problem, all of my notifications are on but yet I still can't make it work. Has this been resolved for anyone above? 
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