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RSS feed not working?

I have a problem and - ofcourse - it needs to be fixed a.s.a.p. 

Because of the changes in Hootsuite, we 'lost' our RSS feed and thats why we installed the Syndicator Free. We've added the RSS feed and we thought that it would work, but it doesn't. What we want is that the jobs that appear on the website, automaticly show on the Twitter page. That's what the RSS feed is for. But now the jobs don't appear and that is kind of a problem.

To be honest, I'm not realy sure how the Syndicator Free works - well, I though I knew but aparentaly not. Can someone please help me? 

PS: we do see the RSS feed in Syndicator Free, so that's working fine. But they just don't appear on Twitter...

Thanks in advance!




  • Hi @NinaSF,

    Thank you for reaching out on the Forum! My name is Magdina, and I'm from the Hootsuite Support Team

    In order to better assist, I have pulled this to a HelpDesk Ticket, so that I can help you out via email!

    Have a great day!

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