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Hootsuite not posting image to LinkedIn now. It used to...

Once a week, I schedule an image with a quote to be uploaded to my LinkedIn and Facebook pages via Hootsuite. In the last 30 days, I've received an error message from Hootsuite that the post to LinkedIn didn't work. The images are being posted to the Facebook pages, just not LinkedIn. If I go into the LinkedIn account and manually post the image it works. Has Hootsuite change parameters around uploading images to LinkedIn? Is anyone else having this problem?


  • Hello @maggiemae

    This is Jonathan from the Community Support Forum, jumping in to help :)

    We're sorry to read about this issue. As to make sure that this doesn't happen because of the permissions that you've provided to Hootsuite, let's renew the connection between LinkedIn and Hootsuite by following the steps below:

    • Log into your LinkedIn account and revoke the networks permissions according to the steps from this link:
    • Once all permissions have been revoked, please proceed to reconnect your account as per the steps from this link:

    If the problem continues, please reply to this thread, and we will create a support ticket for you.

    Thanks for your understanding! 

    Kind regards,
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