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Instagram 4:5 aspect not publishing

I'm trying to post a 4:5 image to Insta from Hootsuite and get error messages the image must be 4:5. What's up? 


  • Hello @recyclemike !

    Thank you for reaching out to Hootsuite via the Community Forum, this is Geovanni from the Customer Support Team and I will be happy to help.

    Keep in mind the following information:

    Instagram sizes

    • Square photography: The recommended dimension is 1080x1080. Although you can also upload photographs in 640x640 pixels. The maximum size allowed is 2048x2048 pixels.
    • Horizontal format: The recommended dimension is 1080x566 pixels. It also supports other lower measures such as 600x400.
    • Vertical format: The recommended dimension is 1080 pixels x 1350 pixels. Instagram will show it with the measure 600x749 pixels.

    Following the appropriate sizes will do. 🦉
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