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Having some major Mobile App Issues


Having some major issues with the Android app today.

Today I wasn't able to share a manual Instagram post that I had scheduled.  I do it manually so that I can add a location.  I tend to go into Notifications, click on the post that needs to be shared and go from there.  But today the post wouldn't load.  It said something like "Couldn't download image". I closed the app and then re-opened it, but the same issue happened.

Then I uninstalled the app and re-installed it. Now I can't even log in.  It starts with a notification that says "Importing Account" and then changes to "Connection Error: Unable to sign in. Try again later."

This seemed to start after the most recent update which seems to have happened yesterday at some point. Looking for a solution to this.



  • I'm having the exact same issue.  I've logged in/out on PC with no problem.  Mobile APP won't let me in and I've uninstalled/installed several times. 

    It appears that the latest mobile app update is the issue.

    Is there any way to download the previous version of the APP? 
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    I am Carlos from the Customer Support Team. Thank you very much for using our forum! I apologize for the issue you are experiencing but I am glad to help you.

    Do you think we could try updating the app to the latest version? I believe the issue has been corrected.

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    I'm having the same issue, in addition to getting notifications for twitter despite having turned those notifications off. 

    My app is updated - any suggestions on what to do?
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