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Cannot publish video post via Hootsuite app

I create the video post on my desktop in Hootsuite. It appears on the hootsuite app on my android phone.  I tap the button to publish it to Instagram.

Here is where it says "cannot download image".
  • network connection is excellent.  just in case, tried this on various networks
  • fails for each of my clients social accounts
  • fails for various video files. tried different sizes and types
I wrote Hootsuite about this 2 WEEKS ago.  Every time I ask what the status update is, they reply with "there is no update. we'll let you know".  THAT is the update for 2 weeks.

How could this problem take the hootsuite team 2 weeks to troubleshoot with no solution?  I mean, if you're backlogged, just say so.  It shouldn't take a tech from Hootsuite more than an hour to resolve, let alone a full 8 hour day or 2 weeks of those days.


  • ive been struggling with the app for days now. i have the same issue. 
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