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Why can't I add my Facebook Page to Hootsuite? (Checkbox doesn't work!)


First, please note that I am indeed the admin on our Facebook page, and the OPTION to add this account appears.

However, when I go to actually check the box next to the Facebook page, it doesn't work.
The checkbox won't stay checked.

I saw many others experiencing similar issues regarding a glitchy checkbox when adding social media pages. Would someone be able to assist me/open up a ticket for me? I really don't want to have to switch to another consolidating platform, but I need to schedule a post for next week before Friday.  

Thanks so much in advance for your help. 

All The Best,


  • Hi jessevero,

    Thank you for reaching out on the Forum! My name is Magdina, and I'm from the Hootsuite Support Team.

    In order to better assist, I have pulled this to a HelpDesk Ticket, so that I can help you out via email!

    Have a great day!

  • Thank you, Magdina_B! I appreciate it thoroughly!
  • Hello. I need help syncing my facebook PAGE. I had my facebook PAGE synced for a few weeks, but I noticed my posts only go on my PAGE. But, in my other account when I send a post to my PAGE it also automatically sends to my PROFILE. I also have FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER with only the 3 social accounts for FREE Hootsuite. So I'm NOT adding Facebook PAGE and PROFILE Separate (eating 2/3 social networks) yet in my 2nd account, again, when I post to facebook it goes to both PAGE/PROFILE. My problem is I deleted my Facebook account in Hootsuite, just now, to try and figure out how to re-add it and have my PAGE/PROFILE be one account. Now, I can only add my Facebook PROFILE. I don't even see the option to add my PAGE like I did in the past when I first created the accounts.  So now I'm even more confused. I followed the directions of authorizing Hootsuite signing it, there was no 3 checkmarks to say yes to for access to profile/page/groups but there was 1 window that say "pressing ok allows all 3"... then, when I go to the next window that shows my profile, pages, and groups it only shows my profile and NOT MY PAGE for selecting. Please help. To be clear: I want to keep my Instagram and Twitter in my free account. This leaves me with 1 last free account. I want it to be FACEBOOK PAGE that automatically posts to my Page and my Profile. Thank you

  • Exact same problem as @thomasray above. Frustrated. Other pages I am Admin or Edit show up but not the one I want to add to Hootsuite. 
  • I have the exact same problem. The checkbox doesn't work, allthough I am an admin! Can you help me? :) 
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