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Unable to connect to Facebook

I have tried everything suggested in multiple threads to get the Facebook business page to link back onto Hootsuite. Each and every time its the same issue. Each and every time the boxes are ticked and the process looks like it might finally make it through it comes up with the not so lovely red box above saying "unable to complete this operation". 


  • Hi, I'm also facing this issue since yesterday. i'm not able to connect my FB account. Whenever I put my credentials, it ends up with an error  "Unable to complete this operation at this time. Please try again". 

  • Tampoco puedo conectar mis páginas de Facebook en la opción no me aparecen todas. Tengo permiso de Administrador en ellas y es imposible conectarlas a Hootsuite. ¿Qué pasa? ¿Pagamos por un servicio que no podemos utilizar?
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