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Problems working with Instagram

I'm using Hootsuite and I'm having issues with Instagram not publishing my posts. This just started suddenly and I have no ideas what the issue is. Anybody having the same problem?


  • Hi there @chargetech ;

    Thank you for reaching out to us here at Hootsuite via the Community Support Forums!

    To clarify, what exactly seems to be the issue when you send a post from your Hootsuite web dashboard to your Instagram? Are you not receiving the notification on your Hootsuite mobile app to open up the post to finalize publishing?

    As a troubleshooting step can you please do the following:
    1. Logout and log back into your Hootsuite mobile app
    2. Go into 'Notification Settings' in your Hootsuite mobile app and enable notifications for your Instagram profile connected to Hootsuite
    3. Try to send a test post

    Please let me know how this goes, thanks!

    For your reference, please see THIS video on 'How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite'. This shows a good step-by-step guide on how to setup your Instagram in Hootsuite.

    I hope that helps! I look forward to your reply, have a good day!

    Taylor | Customer Advocate |

  • I too am having the same issue. It shows in the app that it post, but none of the postings I have tried have posted. They post to my other accounts, and I can post with the Instagram app itself, but not through Hootsuite. I have watched the video as well.
  • Hi @JeffBelzers,
    Thanks for reaching out to us via our support community forums, my name is Camille from the Help Desk and I'd be happy to assist you in this matter!
    When scheduling these posts are you able to locate them within your Dashboard in the "scheduled" stream? 
    We'd definitely would like to investigate this matter further so I've created a ticket for an agent to connect with you directly for further action!
    Best regards,
    Camille H. | Customer Advocate |
  • Well I have done that. It sends it to the app for notification. All it does is open the pic up, and I have to then publish it from Instagram.

    I may as well just go to Instagram to post it because it just keeps a post sitting there, and never publish the post. 
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    HI @JeffBelzers ;

    Welcome to the Hootsuite Community Forum! Instagram's public API does not allow publishing photos outside of the Instagram mobile app - Instagram's own website does not allow publishing of images.

    With Hootsuite integrating Instagram as one of our core networks we allow our customers to schedule their content through the Hootsuite web or mobile app and then publish via the Instagram app. Through our web dashboard you can also monitor a variety of Instagram streams, repost photos, like and comment through multiple Instagram accounts. 

    Our Development team constantly monitors all of the public APIs that we integrate with, if Instagram decides to allow direct publishing through third-party applications we will definitely look at improving the process. 

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions. 


  • I just added the Instagram stream, and enabled everything on my phone. First, the notifications don't work unless I look at the Hootsuite app and CHOOSE to navigate to notifications. Not useful. And then when I selected "Open in Instagram", I get a message screen telling me that I will need to paste in my message, but that's as far as it goes. The message screen stays there, there is no way to close it and it doesn't open anything in Instagram. Very, very underimpressed. 
  • Hi @lindsay39 ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community Forum! 

    Sorry to hear that the notifications for the Instagram app don't seem to be cooperating. Could you let me know which type of device you are using (iOS or Android)? 

    Additionally, would it be possible for you to send us a screen capture of the message screen you are seeing when you select "Open in Instagram"? 

    Thank you for your patience, we'll help you get to the bottom of this!

  • Until very recently I used to be able to schedule then post to Instagram  without pasting in the text, and now I have to paste in the caption before posting. Has something changed?
  • Hi @juliew1589 ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Community Forum. Instagram revised their publishing policy where 3rd party applications, Hootsuite included, were no longer allowed to automatically add content to an Instagram post. To make it an easier experience we copy the created message to the clipboard so the content can be added by the single push of paste without having to recreate the original message.

    We do apologize for any inconvenience. Our Development Team constantly monitors the Public APIs of the social networks we partner with; if there any changes to this policy we will be sure to update this in future revisions.

    Thanks again and please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • I'm having the same problem.  I can create the post in Hootsuite for Instagram, with a photo, and it notifies me via my app on my phone.  When I publish to Instagram, all the text portion of the post disappears, and I am left with just the photo.  Frustrating to say the least.  What am I doing wrong??
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    Hi @jgover

    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Community Forum. Due to Instagrams publishing policies regarding text, users need to paste their precomposed message into the field. Don't worry we've copied your content to the clipboard, all you need to do is hold down the compose field in Instagram and select paste. 

    Check out our video on YouTube for a demo: Publishing to Instagram

    Please let us know if you have any further questions!


  • It seems like I'm having the same problem as @lindsey39 - when I select "publish in instagram" a message pops up about copying the text, and then nothing happens  ... were you able to troubleshoot that problem?  I can send a screen shot if necessary but thought perhaps you've already figured it out! 
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    Hi @katie.aspen 

    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Community Forum. Instagram's publishing policy remains the same for the time being. As my colleague @Sterling explained, 3rd party applications such as Hootsuite are no longer allowed to automatically add content to an Instagram post. To make it an easier experience, Hootsuite copies the created message to the clipboard so that you can add the content to your Instagram post by the single push of paste without having to recreate the original message. 

    We do apologize for any inconvenience. Our Development Team constantly monitors the Public APIs of the social networks we partner with; if there any changes to this policy we will be sure to update this in future revisions.

    You can also check out our video on YouTube for a demo: Publishing to Instagram

    Thanks again and please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Ahh, I don't think I was clear about the problem I was having.  I'm fine with pasting the text content.  The problem is that after I choose "Publish in Instagram" the message about the pasting the text pops up and I couldn't get past that point.   The photo never publishes in Instagram, nor does Instagram open up from there.  But, I discovered that you have to slide right... and then choose "okay" and then it all works out.  So if anyone else is having that same problem, that's the way to get past the pop up bit.  @lindsey39
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    Hi @katie.aspen 

    Sorry for the confusion there! Thank you for clarifying and providing that information for others :smile: 

    Have a great day!

  • I am using an iPhone 6 and a mbp running yosemite. posting to FB and twitter are not the issue. Instagram is. i can sch posts on my phone but they don't show up as being scheduled? also i can't get my phone and mac to see that i have enabled the publish option... Please help I am trying to recommend Hoot to my bosses for other agents!!
  • Hi @phildenegri ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community Forum! 

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulties posting to Instagram through Hootsuite. The publishing workflow is quite different for Instagram than it is for other social networks. For example, it's important to note that Hootsuite push notifications must be turned on in order to publish to Instagram. 

    I would suggest for you to follow the step-by-step instructions for sharing a post to Instagram here.  If you are still unable to send your posts, please let us know and we can help you troubleshoot further. 

    I hope that this helps! Have a great day :smile:!

  • Hi, I have to say, despite it being nice that hootsuite finally integrated instagram.  I think the service is really terrible.  

    I just scheduled posts for months (before having read this page) and spent time my posts writing on hootsuite on my laptop. 

    What is the point of Hootsuite allowing you to write posts for Instagram when they will not be posted?  If the text will not be posted then the Hootsuite software should not allow you to write it.  This really sucks! 

    I realise this is not the fault of the Hootsuite staff but really think this is a bad bad service - and if something could be done about it, it would be great - because it could be so good. 


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    Hi @Miaonhootsuite ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum! 

    Limitations with Instagram's API make the posting workflow a little different for Instagram than for other applications. This being said, there are definitely some work arounds for this :smile:.

    The text that you've prepared for your scheduled Instagram posts has not been lost! At the time you've chosen to publish, you'll receive a push notification from your Hootsuite mobile app (Hootsuite push notifications must be turned on to publish to Instagram). 

    When you receive this notification, you'll be directed into the Hootsuite mobile app. Review the post and when you're ready to publish, tap Open In Instagram. Make sure you are logged into the Instagram account you want to publish to.

    Once you're in the Instagram app, you can filter the image or tag users and a location. The caption you composed in Hootsuite for this image was copied to your device’s clipboard. To include this text in your Instagram post, simply tap into the caption box, tap again, and select Paste to add the caption.

    I hope that this helps to clear things up. Please reach out to us if there's anything else we can help you with!

  • Same as mine here. I just did a schedule post in my iPad and I got a notification the time from given sched. But when I check in the profile instagram. The image is not visible.

    I have read some feedback and looks like it's the main issue. I hope someone can also help me figure out. Because until now I can't see my scheduled post.
  • Hi @fsrgadminonline ;

    Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum. To clarify, after you've received the notification for your Instagram post, are you unable to preview the image within the notification (before clicking "Open in Instagram"). 

    Could you please provide us with a screenshot of where the image isn't visible?

    I'm looking forward to hearing back from you to help you resolve this issue!

  • Hello,

    I try to schedule on Instagram and I keep getting this message:

    It looks like you're trying to send a Direct message but you haven't selected a Twitter account. Are you sure you want to send?

    I have selected the Instagram icon, I have signed out and sign in again, disconnected and reconnected Instagram to Hootsuite but nothing worked.

    This has been happening since Friday, can you please help?

  • Richard_LRichard_L ✭✭
    edited February 2016
    Hi, @annamariafr ; Can you clear your dashboard cache? You can do so by following these steps: Let us know if this allows you to post to Instagram properly again :smile:.

  • Hi @Richard_L - thanks for your message, this worked perfectly well, thank you!

  • Hi I have followed all the instructions to receive push notifications on my phone for scheduled content on instragram, including clearing my dashboard cache, and they still won't come up on my phone. Other notifications from instagram do, but nothing from hootsuite...
  • Hi @sbeachphoto 

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your instagram notifications.

    I have pulled this into a Help Desk Ticket for you. One of our Support Agents will reach out via email to further assist.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind Regards,
    Adam | Customer Advocate |
  • Hello,
    In the last week or so, my HootSuite has not allowed me to publish scheduled posts from my phone. I receive a notification to post, but when I click to copy the text and open in Instagram, I get a "loading" message and the photo no longer appears. It seems that the whole app freezes and I cannot complete the posting as scheduled.

    Can anyone help me to resolve this?


  • Hi @charlespenzonesalons 

    Thank you for getting in touch to let us know of this. I created a support ticket for your issue and you will be contacted via email as soon as possible. 

  • Hi,

    I have been having a similar issue to user charlespenzonesalons  above. I schedule in a post for instagram and I get a notification but when I go to try and post the image from the notification it goes to a loading screen or sometimes it will get as far as to just opening instagram but not importing the pic but the screen will go completely black and close the hootesuite app and crashes. This has been happening for the past 2 weeks and is very annoying.

    I am on an iPad so this 
  • Hi @laurenconvert,

    Thank you for reaching out to us via our Forum!

    In order to further investigate this situation, I've created a help desk ticket for you. We'll be reaching out via email.

    Hope this helps!


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