managing multiple social profiles for multiple brands in the HootSuite interface

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Newbie here... wondering how I would organize tabs, streams, social networks, teams and organizations to manage social media for multiple brands?

wow, yeah that sounds difficult. So let's assume I am an agency who manages multiple social media profiles on behalf of my clients and I have 25 clients.

Is there a way to setup the HootSuite interface to be effective at managing multiple social channels across multiple brands keeping them all separate from each other but grouped by brand?

Thanks in advance for any dialog.

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Chris Roberts

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Chris and Welcome to our Support Forum!

In this instance I'd like to firstly suggest you to create a team for each of your cliente:

Then, since the maximum numbers of tabs you can have is 20, I'd suggest creating Tabs in Alphabetical order, such as A-C, D-G etc...

I hope this helps getting you set up and organized Chris!

Thanks and happy Hooting!
Shana | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk -
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Chris Roberts

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Hi Shana,
Thanks for the reply. You will have excuse my lack of knowledge of HootSuite. I am brand new.

I understand the idea of creating teams to represent clients, but what still confuses me is how to organize the tabs. With the maximum number of tabs being 20, that doesnt leave enough for each one of our clients to have its own tab.

Are you suggesting that I put streams from multiple clients in each tab?
For example

Client 1 name - ABC Foods
Client 2 name - XYZ Drinks

To manage client 1 - Create a team called - ABC Foods.
Add ABC Food's social channels (FB, Twitter, G+) to team.

Same thing for client XYZ Drinks.

Then, with regard to tabs, I name first tab A-C. And that tab contains the streams from clients who's name starts with A-C?

My concern is that each tab only holds 10 streams. Twitter and Facebook alone have a possible 12 streams between the two of them. And that would be for just one client.

So I think I am confused on how to set this up properly to manage multiple clients.

Your help is appreciated.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for getting back in touch; Happy to help you!

You are absolutely right, I was suggesting that you put streams from multiple clients in each tab - Clients starting with A-C, X-Z etc

Most of our users don't use every possible stream for social networks, you can maybe just add a couple for each social network, for each client for example, however if you do wish to add this, I would suggest creating 2 HootSuite accounts (on a Pro Package you are entitled to a free user to collaborate).

Here is how you can invite a team member to your organization (use an alternative email address for yourself):

This ways you can set up an individual Tab for each of your clients split in 2 different account.

Sorry for all the information Chris but I really hope it helps and you are up and running soon.

Please let me know if I can assist you further and I will be happy to help!

Thanks and Happy Friday!
Shana | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk -
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Following up on this topic. I'm perplexed how best to set up the Hootsuite dashboard. In fact I hardly ever use Hootsuite because there is no easy way to manage multiple projects/brands/clients. I now really want to get to grips with Hootsuite and use it for mine and my client's campaigns.

- is there still a restriction to 20 tabs with 10 streams each? is there anyway to lift this restriction?
- is there a way to organise projects/brands/clients at a level above Tabs and Streams? It would be really handy to have a top level such as Projects - each project could be a client or brand. Is there anyway to do this?
- you must have agency clients - how do they set it up? Do you have a best practice guide for agencies?
- any screenshots of perfect agency dashboard set-up?

I look forward to receiving your advice.
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Elliot Walker

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I have a Pro account
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I would also appreciate a full answer on this as we are in the same boat. 
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Waiting for an answer
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I have yet to implement the strategy, but it seems like there is a workable solution in this thread:
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Id probably just setup individual hootsuite accounts for each client.  Maybe some free ones and some pro (or just all pro if the client had more than 3 social media accts..)    I would keep access to each account and just login to each separate account when managing a particular client. 

If the client wanted access and they were paying for hootsuite themselves (you aren't charging them this acct fee as part of your service) then they keep the account but add you as a user/team member with all permissions.  I haven't done it this way but Id guess you would be able to access anything you have access too.