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I can't seem to connect to Twitter with Hootsuite. I give it permission and everything there seems to work okay, but in the actual dashboard, it still shows the Connect to Twitter button.
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Sherice Jacob

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Posted 2 years ago

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Tarik Ganibegovic, Official Rep

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Hello Sherice,

Thanks for reaching out to our Forum.

From the sounds of it, the issue may be localized to the computer that you are currently using.

I would suggest the following steps:

1) Clear the cookies and cache of your web browser

2) Disable any extensions installed on your web browser

3) Attempt to access your account using a different web browser

4) If the issue persists after taking the above steps, attempt to access your account using a different computer on a different internet connection. I suggest this as security/firewall settings can sometimes affect the dashboard.

I sincerely hope this find you well!

Tarik | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk -
Tarik, I did everything you suggested and I still can't get past this problem. Can you please help?
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Kelley Wilson

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OK I did the suggestions and they didn't work for me either! This is really frustrating
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Angela Anderson

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I also tried to connect my twitter and went through the credential authentication and verification code process and the twitter account information still doesn't show up. What can be done to correct this?
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Whitney S, Official Rep

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Hi Angela,

Thank you for reaching out on the Community Support Forum. My name is Whitney and I am happy to assist!

Upon looking at the Hootsuite account associated with the email you used to make this forum post, I can see two Twitter accounts have successfully been added to your account.

To clarify, are you attempting to add a 3rd? I would recommend trying to add this 3rd Twitter account in a Private or Incognito Window, or a different web browser. As well, please log out of Twitter natively to ensure you are not being auto-logged in to the wrong Twitter account.

Do you encounter any errors when attempting to add Twitter? Please attach a screenshot.

Warm regards,
Whitney | @Hootsuite_Help |
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Sterling, Official Rep

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Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to check in and see if anyone was still having issues authenticating Hootsuite with their Twitter accounts? If you are still having issues getting your account connected you can check your Twitter application settings to see if Hootsuite has access on Twitter's end. Sometimes everything is done right in your Hootsuite account but the issue is with the Twitter settings. Please follow this link and you will be able to see if everything looks good on Twitter's side of things.


Sterling | @Hootsuite_Help
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I am having huge problems trying to sign in on my workphone hootsuite account. It keeps coming up as connection error, unable to connect to twitter. Try signing in again. The account details have not been changed as other members of the team are still able to connect ok. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app also but this problem still exists!
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Sterling, Official Rep

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Hi Janet, 

Sorry to hear about your login issues. Are you able to sign in through the website? This will help us determine if the issue is restricted to mobile to your account in general. 

Thanks Janet, 

Sterling | @Hootsuite_Help
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My Hootsuite account was working perfectly until yesterday.  I started getting error messages while trying to post-- for both my twitter accounts and both my LinkedIn accounts.
In the effort to fix, I disconnected one of my Twitter accounts.  Now I cannot reconnect it.  I get the message "an error occurred, please try again" every time.  This happens in every browser and on different computers.  I have cleared the Hootsuite cache.  My twitter account shows that it is allowing the Hootsuite app.
Please help.  I love using hootsuite,
The twitter account I cannot reconnect is @steveoffutt
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Jocelyne Bell, Official Rep

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Hello Steve,

Many thanks for reaching out to us here on our Community Forum! 

I've had a look at your Hootsuite account and can confirm a few things for you.

As this account is registered as a free plan, there is a limit of 3 social profiles. If you would like to add additional profiles you will need to upgrade your account to a pro plan here:

Thanks for your patience! Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter with any additional questions! 

Jocelyne | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Desk -
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I Have exactly the same issue so I joined the pro plan yesterday 3 times to be exact and still it doesn't show up. Not impressed that you sign people up and this is the level of support you offer. Money = Product + Service Can someone solve this. I have cleared the cache I have checked my twitter profile and it says hootesuite is authorised but it doesn't show in my control panel. In addition after subscribing using paypal the dashboard still says upgrade to pro.

On closer inspection it looks like your system doesn't know that my PayPal subscription was successful. I have written to your address.

Your help is appalling i rang your company this morning and got a rubbish answerphone message. The only email address is a legal one. You should invest in a customer service team before a competitor blasts you out of the water.


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Sterling, Official Rep

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Hi there, 

I do apologize for the issues during your upgrade process and the difficulties in reaching us. As a Hootsuite Pro customer you can submit a private ticket directly from your Hootsuite dashboard (question mark on the left.) I realize that would not help in the current situation but if you do need help in the future that is a great way to reach us. We can also be reached 24/7 through our Twitter Help Desk, @Hootsuite_Help, if you have any quick questions. 

I've reached out to our Billing Team and can assure you that your upgrade to Hootsuite Pro has successfully gone through. Again, I apologize for the frustrating experience. Do reach out to us through here or the support ticket you have open with Megan if you have any further questions. 


Sterling | @Hootsuite_Help