On February 28, we’re enabling ‘Single Sign-On’ so that you can use your Hootsuite account credentials to log into the Hootsuite Community Forum.

To ensure you don’t lose any of your Forum points and badges, ***please update your Forum e-mail address to match the e-mail address used for your Hootsuite account before February 28***.

Here’s how:

Once you're logged into your account:
- Click on the gear icon in the top right navigation, and select ‘Edit Profile’.
- Update your e-mail address so that it matches the e-mail address you use for your Hootsuite account.

You're set! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your friendly Community Forum Owls :)
Looking to inject some spontaneity into your publishing schedule, or ease your workload by letting the system take over? Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule may well be the feature for you. ✨

Our latest post in the "Hootsuite Tips & Tricks" category has all the details!

- Your Friendly Community Forum owls

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