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Can I schedule an IMAGE only post?

When I try and post just an image, I get the message: "Your message cannot be empty". I don't want to write a message though, my message is in the picture. I don't want to have to write something every time with the image. Is there any way around this?



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  • Corina_SCorina_S Admin
    edited December 2015
    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for reaching out to us via the Hootsuite Forum! My name is Corina and I'd be happy to help. Is this through Instagram or through another social network and does the post work through the social network natively if you don't post via Hootsuite? If it doesn't post, it's likely due to regulations around the social network and not a Hootsuite-specific problem.

    I definitely recommend directly reaching out to the social network you're trying to post to. Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can help with or further clarify. 

    Happy Holidays!
  • Hi Corina,

    This is using the Compose Message function at the top of the page to post in Facebook using Hootsuite. As far as I can tell I'm forced to write a message with my picture. Whereas in Facebook, I can just post a picture without an accompanying message.


  • Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your speedy reply! I just tested adding a photo without a message in my own Hootsuite account and it seemed to work without including a message in the compose box. Would you be able to send a screen shot of what you're seeing?

    Looking forward to figuring this out together :)

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    When trying to schedule an 'image only' post to Facebook, I get the error, "Your message cannot be empty".  It looks like this issue was discussed in Dec 2015 with a resolution.  But, the problem seems to have reappeared.  What I'm posting are blog posts from my website, and I'd like the posts to appear at my FB page 'without' having to include a message.  You can see how Seth Godin does this here:

    Notice the posts 'without' messages.  That's what I'd like to to also.
  • Hello @tomthoner,

    Thank you for reaching out to us via the Hootsuite Forum!

    I wasn't able to replicate this issue on my end. To be able to investigate further please share examples of this via a screenshot.
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