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Hootsuite is a self serve platform and the links you are seeing are being shortened using the public service, so it's not possible for us to limit this functionality. We have flagged this with Security, who have confirmed that they have started conversations to address this issue.

Pprofmedias is not a Hootsuite user and is using a website offered to anyone who can access the public website.

It seems that Pprofmedias have replaced their 'unsubscribe' link with our website address, so users believe we are spamming. Unfortunately, as you have already gathered, this unsubscribe button does not work.

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Hootlet Doesn't Quote, ... Only Shares Link

So I just downloaded the hootlet app for chrome. I wanted to see if it would actually share a quote from a page if I highlight it, right click, and hit the post to hootsuite button. So, I did that. At first it seemed like it would work. The quote was in the box ready to post. But then I had to select the profiles to post to. As soon as I did that the quote was gone and a link preview came up instead. So I thought I would pin the profiles and see if that would help. But no, it just generates the link and preview without the quote again. What's going on?


  • Hi @JasonOTLM

    Thanks for reaching out over Hootsuite's Forum! Denea here from our Customer Advocate team, I'll be happy to help!

    To clarify, the "Share Selected Text via Hootlet" is designed to work for sharing text and links to Twitter. The text is cleared when selecting another social network due to how link previews are generated based on their API, making this feature not possible for other social networks at this time. 

    The workaround we recommend is to copy the text, then select "Share Selected Text via Hootsuite", then select your social networks and paste the Text following the link preview generation. I apologize I wasn't able to provide the answer you were hoping for, but I hope this workflow could work for you! 

    If we can continue assisting or further clarify, please do not hesitate to get back in touch!

    Kind Regards, 
  • Thanks, that will do.
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