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The worst customer service I have ever experienced

I was a loyal customer of 4 years. I recently moved to a much bigger company and was ready to spend bigger with Hootsuite. Suddenly my customer service team cannot see a twitter inbox conversation. So I seek support. This is a vital part of dealing with customers online to know which queries were responded to. I trained my team to use hootsuite.

A week passed no update(not good but not terrible), it turns out after 8 e-mails and 3 chats the dev team has given up on the problem the task '"is not queued for further work at this time" . So either it's just myself having this problem and they are not bothered or it affects many people are they are not bothered to fix it. I just trained a whole team to use hootsuite. Now I will go to your competitors and advise anyone in the same situation to never go near your company. What an unbelievable waste of time. What is wrong with your company? I can prove all of this. This is bad its actually funny. 


  • Hi @quin4105

    My name is Christy, let me start off for apologizing for the frustration. We really do care about your feedback and thoughts. 

    While we did pass your information and issues to the development team we are so sorry that this issue will continue for those with limited permissions. We again apologize if you feel like we didn't communicate this with you appropriately or as quickly as you hoped. 

    We strive to work together with our users and hope that you found time to add this issue to the feedback forum. Though, as of right now, it is labeled "is not queued for further work at this time" and mostly likely will not change, we want to you to know that we do care when our users are upset or frustrated. 

    While we can't help with this particular issue, I hope that you stick around to see that our customer advocates and entire Hootsuite team are invested in your success and your ability to use the dashboard in a meaningful and easy manner. Please continue to send us your issues and we will continue to help out to the best of our ability. 

    I hope this reaches you well, 


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