Hootsuite Platform Certification Tips & Shared Stories of Experiences with Hootsuite Plans

Hi there fellow users,

I'm about half way through the Hootsuite platform certification training. First of all - really awesome that this content is offered for free - it makes onboarding easy!

However as I'm going through the courses, I've noticed videos referencing functionality I can't see to find in our corporate Hootsuite account and I'm curious if this is due to our plan or just outdated training content?

For example, in chapter 2. Advanced uses of Hootsuite:

You see videos with options to share items to a content library. Now, we have a pro plan and personally I'm the only one of our marketing team utilizing the platform. However, I can't seem to locate a content library anywhere, or even the options to add content to this library as shown in the videos?

Another example within the same chapter would be the section on creating vanity URLs. The video explains you can access vanity URLs from your dashboard, by selecting settings. Now, my dashboard left side bar doesn't have a settings option - but instead I have to click my gravtiar, click account & settings and then I can find the vanity URL tab. That's not such a big deal, but still outdated. Anyone know of any plans to update existing training content  and for those who have already taken the certification - did you run into any questions that tripped you up because of this?

Next to this, (this is really more of an idea than a discussion point) is that the training video states you can create vanity URLs with a pro plan - which we have, but when I attempt to do so within my account, Hootsuite is directing me to add owly.pro to my plan. I understand this may be how the plans are designed, but I think it should be much more transparent to organisations up front that all these great features to the platform are add-ons not - included features within the plan - which have additional costs attached.

The same thing applies with team members. Our company took this account thinking we could have up to 10 team members in the platform. What wasn't understood is that each additional member outside of the 2 included, cost an additional $10/month

I wanted to highlight this for 2 reasons. Firstly, I'm curious if there are other users out there who found themselves in this situation, or did my organisation just not look deep enough into the fine print? Secondly, if there are other users out there finding themselves limited by this, do you have any tips or tricks for justifying the extra costs to your organisation? I need to create a business justification now for management to request additional features which many people in the department thought we were already paying for.

Thanks in advance for anyone who shares their stories or has any advice. 


  • Hi @Raven_Mcfarlane

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us on our Hootsuite Forum!

    We are really happy to see you have been exploring our content and we appreciate your feedback in regards of our tool. 

    We currently have our Education team working on updating our Academy content as we have had a few updates to our UI within the last months, but we do appreciate your patience and understanding on this topic. 

    I would also like to offer some advice as a user of the platform, in regard to justifying costs in companies. Time management is normally a relevant item in any company, and having our peers or employees saving time on social media management can be a time saver!

    It does depend on the purpose of your company how this additional time can be used, but delegating tasks and granting others access to the same information is a point to consider when it comes to cost savings.

    Last but not least, we always love to hear your thoughts and we believe the best ideas can be anywhere, so please feel free to reach out to us on our feedback page as well for new ideas or improvement suggestions you have for us!

    Here's the link: Hootsuite Feedback

    I hope this helps!

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