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Hootsuite keeps posting under my personal Facebook profile, not my company

Hi there, 

I opened a Hootsuite account using my company email, but I am an admin for our FB page and group under my personal FB account, so I added my social networks to Hootsuite by signing into my personal account. Every time I post, even though my Hootsuite profile is my company name, all posts are done under my personal profile. I looks really unprofessional. I went through the steps to remove my personal profile from the Hootsuite social network but that hasnt fixed it. Can someone help?



  • Hi @Brooklin_RM2017

    I have checked your account using your account email and found that you are currently handling a Facebook page and a Facebook group for 'Brooklin Refugee Mission'. As a Facebook's API limitation, posting to a Facebook group is going to show the name of your personal profile instead of the name of the page which is what has been happening on every post.

    We hope this issue can be changed or updated as soon as possible but we are currently working with our Facebook partners to have everything running smoothly, we hope to keep you posted if there is any update about this.

    I hope you have an excellent day!

    Warm regards,
    Daniel L | Customer Advocate
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    Please let me know when this is fixed.  I am having the same issue.  I will not post to my groups via Hootsuite because it looks terrible that posts are coming from my personal profile rather than my business.  I am now forced to create the post twice.  Once for pages, twitter, instagram and then again directly into the groups I manage.  Not saving me any time.  Today is March 12, 2018.  Let me know when this is done.  Thank You! 
  • I would love this to change also.
  • Hello @catherineG and @JH_9321

    Thanks for reaching us via forum!

    As explained above, at this time this is a limitation from Facebook which states that posts to groups can only be posted in the name of the admin of the group that authorized Hootsuite. As such, all of the messages scheduled/sent to Facebook Groups via Hootsuite will be attributed to the Facebook Profile used when adding the Group in Hootsuite. 

    While there’s currently no way to post as a page, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you’re looking for—most of the improvements we make come from ideas and suggestions like yours, so thank you for reaching out!

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    Has there been an update yet?

    Mine's doing the same... My personal profile doesn't even show, so can't remove it. Double postings to the page I manage and my personal profile.
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