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Not appearing in Hootsuite Directory

edited September 7 in Hootsuite Academy
Hi there,

I've completed the Social Marketing Certification exam, and am now certified. I've also fully built out my profile in the Hootsuite Academy Directory; however, when I enter incognito mode, go into the directory, and try to find my account (as if I'm an employer browsing the directory, looking for someone to hire), I'm unable to find my account at all. I can find it from the "edit profile" screen, but I can't find it from the directory itself.

I've tried searching by my last name, but nothing comes up. I've also tried searching by just location (which I included in the profile), but I don't come up for that either.

It's now been about two weeks since I finished the exam and created my profile. This problem has persisted. Is there a reason I'm not coming up in the directory?

Thanks for the help!
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